The Alpha Cafe and indoor Skate/BMX Park are located on the second floor of the Gateway Center, and are a ministry of Community Helping Hands.  A great place to skate or bike, hand out in the unique cafe, or play some games in the game room. There are pool tables, ping pong, foosball. !  Open to all ages!

Skate/BMX Park Admission: $5

Helmets are required. Available for rent: skateboards $2, and helmets $1. If a rider is under age 18, a Skate Park Forms“>waiver and declaration of fitness form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Skatepark Rules and Declaration of Fitness must also be signed by park participants.

For more information about the Alpha Cafe and Skate/BMX Park, please call 716-487-1484.


Download Amateur Athletic Waivers, Declaration of Fitness and Skate Park Rules Below:

Safety is VERY important at the Soaring Up Skate/BMX Park, as well as maintaining an environment of respect and care. Because of this, the following rules must be followed:

Skatepark Rules

The following rules MUST be followed while participating at Soaring Up Skatepark.  Failure to do so will result in your ejection from the park immediately with NO refund.

1.     All participants must have a completed and signed liability waiver on file at the Soaring Up office before you can participate. Participants under the age of 18 MUST have their parents or legal guardian sign a waiver in front of a park employee OR a notary public.

2.     Skating/skateboarding/biking is at your own risk.  Proper protective gear must worn at all times in skating area. Helmets are required! Anyone caught riding without a helmet will be removed from the Soaring Up immediately.  It’s your brain, protect it!  Elbow and Knee pads are strongly recommended.

3.     Profanity(swearing or foul language) is strictly prohibited. The use of such language will cause the participant to be ejected from the property.  A second and third such ejection will cause a cancellation of membership, NO refund. 

4.     Absolutely NO USE OF tobacco products of any kind, alcohol, drugs or weapons of any kind are allowed on the Soaring Up property. Staff members have the discretion to identify unwarranted conduct as necessary to ensure that all participants have an enjoyable park experience.

5.     Park open only during posted hours. No loitering after facility is closed.  There is to be no loitering and/or riding outside on Soaring Up property. (Please respect our neighbors.)

6.     Fighting, tagging, inappropriate behavior of any kind and vandalism will not be tolerated.  Recklessness and horseplay can subject you to removal from the Soaring Up.

7.     All riders/skaters must possess the basic necessary skills to ride safely and under control at all times.  Participants should always check the condition of their own gear and make sure it is in safe working order.  Soaring Up is NOT responsible for the condition of the equipment the participant uses or any injuries that occur due to failure of that equipment.

8.     Shirts and shoes MUST be worn at all times while at Soaring Up.  Gear and other clothing not in use MUST be stored outside the skate area in the appropriate designated area. Soaring Up Skatepark is NOT responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items on Skatepark property.

9.     Absolutely NO food or drink, including candy and chewing gum may be brought into the skating area.  You may consume food and drinks in designated areas only.

10.  You must skate/bike safely and remain in control at all times.  All participants are responsible for avoiding collisions with others.   Only one rider is permitted to a ramp at any given time. Give sufficient time for a participant to use a ramp and clear the area before the next participant begins.  No contests of any sort allowed unless organized and run by Soaring Up staff.  No riding against traffic!! Check all paths leading to and from an obstacle prior to attempting it. 

11.  Participants should never sit, stand or loiter in the path leading to an obstacle.  Although the Skatepark is monitored it is impossible to monitor the flow, traffic and behavior in every area at all times.  Ultimate responsibility for smooth flow of riding and a safe environment relies on strict adherence to all rules.  Violation of these rules should be reported to staff members immediately.  Anyone caught violating these rules will be immediately ejected from Soaring Up Skatepark with no refund.

12.  Soaring Up staff reserve the right to limit the number of participants using the facility to prevent overcrowding. 

13.  Soaring up staff reserve the right to cancel any membership at any time or eject anyone for any reason. No questions asked!!  NO refunds given.

14.  In the event of an emergency or injury, all participants must discontinue skating/biking until further directed by staff.

15.  No lessons will be taught by anyone unless approved by Soaring Up Skatepark officials.


For more information about the Alpha Cafe and Skate/BMX Park, please call 716-487-1484.

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